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We were SO pleased with our experience with Vicky and her husband at Sweet Dreams Cattery. Communication and professionalism were excellent and we were able to get our boy home quickly! They even drove to meet us so we didn’t have to do an 8 hr (one way) drive. Sweet Dreams Cattery cattery and our Hero have exceeded our expectations! This dedication is so appreciated and we would be happy to get another gorgeous BHS from them in the future. Highly recommend!
Here are a few pictures of Higgins. Not as clear as the ones you take. The portrait was taken with my cell phone. That one surprised me. He is doing great...eat, play, sleep... repeat as needed. He is finding a lot of new toys to play with and that is keeping him very busy. We just love him and he is fitting right in with his new friends. Thank you for spending so much time with me on pick up day. All of your information has been very helpful.
Luis Carlos
I was searching the internet for Persian kittens for sale near me when I came across this cat breeder. We've been wanting to thank you again for being so generous to give us Nilah. Words can't even express how much we love her! She is an amazing kitten with lots of love and energy to share. Everything you said about her and Maine coon cats is true, and she is an amazing companion to us! We truly appreciate everything!!! Keep in touch.
Alicia Stone
Tamga is doing good and she went to the vet and she is in perfect health. She is so funny and playful. She goes into each dog bed and boots the dogs out and then she plops down where they were laying. She controls the house! She is getting long and tall already. My daughter is sitting on the floor playing with the feather teaser toy and she says she loves her like having a baby sister!
Matthew Johnson

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